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Vector Art: Vector is the preferred format for all artwork submitted. Unlike picture files(like .jpg), vector art can be re-sized with no loss of quality. If you want a crisp and clear card, please use vector art if you have it.

Copy: For maximum readability, fonts should be no smaller than 5px. Serif and Script fonts are not recommended for small text. If you think you will require edits, you need to send appropriate font files as well.

Colors: All colors must be 4 color process - CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key(Black).

Bleed: Required bleed size is 0.125" on all sides of artwork.

Placement: All essential elements must be 0.125" from edges, barcodes, mag stripes, or thermal printing.

File Submission: Email your files in .AI or print ready .PDF to For files too large to email, please use a filesharing site like Dropbox, MediaFire, or Google Drive.


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